Covers, Blankets, and Afghans (Volume 1)

Dan Darrah

A beautiful, intimate acoustic record for all ages to chill to. Wonderfully unique renditions of Sinatra, Wham, Guns and Roses, Roy Orbison, Marty Casey and the Lovehammers as well as a few original songs from Dan's new perspective as a "Daddy".

During the last 10 years, Darrah has shared the stage with Guster, The Wallflowers, 10,000 Maniacs, Sister Hazel, Andrew Bird, The Bo Deans, Jesse Harris, and The Samples. In 2003 he was also featured on the Columbia/Aware Records compilation album "Aware 9" along with Jack Johnson, Alice Peacock and many other national artists.

In 2005, Dan joined the band Hotel45 and put out the album "Photographs" in the fall of 2006. Also available at cdbaby, itunes and many other online stores.

Dan recorded "Covers, Blankets and Afghans (Volume 1)" in his living room with 1 mic, 1 guitar and 1 computer. Awake, Our Way and Sundaes and Solitaire are the 3 original tracks on the album. The record was mastered by Robert Marshall of Cave Recording, and the album cover as well as Dan's website was designed by Nandor Tamas of Stung Media. Dan would also like to thank Kamran Salehi for all of his help an advice on the record.

Dan has 2 other solo records also available at

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    Awake 2:23
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    Trees 3:37