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The band members, each with musical accomplishments of their own , have been friends for a long time. Jam sessions lead to recording sessions, and everyone suddenly realized that something special was brewing. Hotel45 was born in 2005.

Dan Darrah

Dan started the Dan Darrah Band about 5 years ago, or so, and has really pushed the limits of what an independent musician can achieve now a days. Dan Darrah Band enjoys a loyal following in the Chicago area and the cities around us. Dan was looking for an opportunity to develop music collectively when our band was formed. We all enjoy writing together and his warm voice putts the finishing touch on everything we do.

You can catch him in Dan Darrah Band, or his solo shows, around town every now and then mostly playing his famous acoustic guitar. In HOTEL45 shows, he plays multiple keyboards, almost exclusively. Unless Tyson does not show up for some reason, in which case, we will all be fighting for who gets to play the drums!

Kamran Salehi

Kamran has had a hard time deciding on his instrument of choice. Fortunately our band of all multi instrument players is settling into "stations" so Kamran is mostly playing electric guitar. His influences include heavy electronic and rock music, as well as blues, indirectly inherited from his rock favorites.

Most recently Kamran had released two alternative/ progressive rock CDs via, both of which had songs occupying number 1 position on MP3 charts for more than a week. He was working on a 3rd CD , when this band came together and completely absorbed his attention.

Kamran is a closet drummer! Prior to solo efforts he played keyboards with Nick's Late / The Tail & guitar and keyboards with Easy Life.

Dan Anderson

A music school graduate, Dan Anderson (called lovingly Danderson by the band!) came to Chicago about 14 years ago and fell in love with our music scene. He is crazy about Hip hop and loves almost any style of "good" music. He mostly plays a mean bass in the band but may jump to keyboards or his trumpets at any moment without giving prior notice.

Dan Anderson and Dan Darrah have played at majority of Chicago's big clubs (House of Blues, Metro, Park West etc..) for the past few years, in addition to a semi-nation-wide tour towards the end of 2004. Now a days Dan has the itch to create some new music .....

Tyson Ellert

Tyson moved to Chicago recently but has already found his way around ! Aside form the current music scene, he loves Jazz and "old school" Rock.

Tyson's style of drumming reflects his wide range of influences. Solid, yet constantly changing, he paints an organic rhythmic background.

About once a month Tyson plays in a jazz ensemble to stay in touch with rhythmic roots of modern rock. He plays guitar once in a while, but let's keep that a secret for now.

He is a day time fashion designer and somehow finds time to play as the house band drummer at "Buddy Guy's Legends" once in a while on Monday night.

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